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Jidong Lyu | Intern Product Development

Jidong Lyu

Jidong Lyu | Intern Product Development

I’m originally from Shaoxing, near Shanghai. I got my bachelor’s degree in China. Since September 2015, I’ve been in Germany, studying for my master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in Vehicle Technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I first heard about Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) in a lecture. It was about hybrid and electric vehicles, and a transmission was shown.

As part of my required internship, I’m now part of the product development team for the 7DCT300 7-speed dual clutch transmission. My department’s task is to adapt our basic transmission to the specific needs of the customer. My job is basically documenting technical changes, preparing customer presentations and redesigning the transmission showroom. The showroom allows employees to view all of the transmission’s components. Another of my tasks is technical testing of prototypes and coordination of the work of various departments. I especially like the communication between the various departments in the project, because it gives me an overview of the whole product development. As you can see, my assignments are very diverse, and it’s a lot of fun to work here.

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