Formula Student

Picking up pace with Transmission Systems…

According to the saying ‘‘Tis early practice only makes the master’, over 3,000 young engineers are designing and building race cars for the construction competition ‘Formula Student Germany (FSG)’. They are living their fascination for motorsports. The first race took place in 2006 at Hockenheimring race track Germany and today Formula Student has evolved into a highly professional competition, which captivates students and employers worldwide.

Over a whole year, the students are preparing everything for the race: The recruitment of new team members, search for sponsors, vehicle design, budget planning, parts production, training for the race and many more challenges need to be tackled. In the end, the team with the best package of race performance, financial planning and selling points wins.

The impressive engineering performance and the outstanding dedication of the students fascinate us at Getrag Transmission Systems. Since 2007 we have been supporting eight incredible teams with our expertise and with the production of components. In doing so we continue to realise how important the contact with motivated and determined young engineers is. The students are gaining intense experience in teamwork, time and project management, and furthermore in design, production processes and business aspects. These are key skills, which will ease their job entry in their later life.

We are supporting the following teams:

Rennteam Uni Stuttgart, Universität Stuttgart: Rennteam Stuttgart

TU Darmstadt Racing Team, Technische Universität Darmstadt: DART Racing

DHBW Engineering, Duale Hochschule Stuttgart: DHBW Engineering

HHN Racing, Hochschule Heilbronn:

KA-RaceIng, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie: KA-RaceIng

eMotorsports Cologne, Fachhochschule Köln: eMotorsports Cologne

Ecurie Aix, RWTH Aachen: Ecurie Aix

Here you will find more information about Formula Student Germany.

DART Racing Team TU Darmstadt
Team DHBW Engineering
HHN Racing Team
KIT KA Racing Team Karlsruhe
Munich Motorsport Team