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Sina Alonso Garcia | Intern Marketing & External Communications

Sina Alonso Garcia

Sina Alonso Garcia | Intern Marketing & External Communications

After I got my degree in communication studies, it was important to me to get practical experience in the professional world. So I came for a 6-month internship in Marketing & External Communications at Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag).

In my time here, I’ve come to know various areas of technical communication. I’ve mainly been involved in conceiving and designing the corporate website. I also assist in coordinating sponsoring activities. At various events, I get to be on site and write reports on them for the home page. My assignments also include helping with group-wide market communications and all market-related trade shows and events. A highlight of my internship has been participation in the International Transmission Congress in Bonn, where I helped handle the trade show booth and saw a lot of exciting things.

To me, it’s especially exciting that during the internship I’ve been able to take part in all external communication meetings and contribute my own ideas at any time. The assignments aren’t the “typical intern jobs” that keep you busy but don’t challenge you. I support various people in the daily business, and this gives me a look into all possible major activities — from public relations all the way to large marketing campaigns. For me, it’s enormously important to take away as much experience as I can. In this regard, the internship at Transmission Systems has exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to work in communications. Right from the start, I felt very good in the department, was integrated into the team well, and I was always given a great variety of assignments.

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