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Industrial mechanics apprentices



An apprenticeship at Transmission Systems requires one thing above all else: your commitment. From day one, you will be involved in various projects and will learn what your future career is all about. Our competent trainers will always be there to help and support you in your daily work life in our modern training workshops.

The Start of the application phase for an apprenticeship has already started. you can find the open vacancies.

Industrial mechanics (m|f) - Bad Windsheim | Neuenstein | Rosenberg | Untergruppenbach

If you are fascinated by working with metal and have craftsmanship, then you comply with the requirements for our apprenticeship. Industrial machinists produce equipment parts and assemblies for machinery or production facilities. Furthermore, they install or rebuild machinery, supervising and tweak the manufacturing process and take over service tasks.
Mechatronics engineers (m|f) - Neuenstein | Untergruppenbach

In many of our transmissions, high-precision gearwheels are combined with electrical and control technology. If you would like to undertake the multifaceted mechatronics engineer apprenticeship (m|f), you should have an interest in metal as well as electrical and control technology.
IT Specialist Systemintegration (m|f) - Untergruppenbach

This apprenticeship is just right if you are interested in computer science and information technology. The tasks include: The analysis of customer requirements, planning, setup, maintenance and administration of systems and computer networks as well as the procurement and installation of hardware and software.
Specialist for metal processing and assembly technique (m|f) – Neuenstein

During your Apprenticeship you will learn to take responsibility for the mounting of building elements, modules or machines. The needed building elements will get produced mechanically or manually. Afterwards, the elements merge to modules. This process can be significantly simplified by the use of machines. Furthermore, assembly schedule and guidelines will help you to plan the individual process steps.
Industry merchants (m|f) - Untergruppenbach

If you are interested in task areas like materials administration, distribution and marketing, human resources, accounting and finance, you are just right for an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant.
Technical product designer (m|f) - Untergruppenbach

Do you have a great power of spatial perception, a very good mathematical knowledge and you enjoy working with a computer? Then you are fulfilling the requisites for modelling and adjusting components. Additionally, you are going to experience how to realize design specifications, standards and you get to know different software programs during your apprenticeship as a technical product designer.
Application Process
The application phase begins in July for the start of apprenticeship in the following year.