Application tips

Application tipps

Application Tips

A successful application is the foundation for a, hopefully, long career at Transmission Systems. Please consider the following tips for your online application on

Read the job advertisement closely:
The tasks described should match your expectations. Equally, you need to make sure your profile meets the requirements.

Convince with your cover letter: Your reasons for applying for a job at Transmission Systems are of interest to us. You should convince us why you are the perfect candidate for the job advertised.

Demonstrate your competence: It should be clear from your CV which positions and tasks you have mastered so far.

Complete the overall picture: Make sure the most important certificates and references are included.

Do not forget start date and desired salary: This is especially important for permanent positions. Interns are also required to indicate their desired start date. However, this information is not required for applicants who wish to undertake an apprenticeship or studies at Transmission Systems.