Experience report

Moritz Bulka | System Integration Engineer

Fabian Müller

Fabian Müller | System Integration Engineer

Starting in March 2017, I worked as a System Integration Engineer at Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) in Untergruppenbach, Germany. My technical knowledge from the the bachelor’s program in Automotive Systems Engineering at Heilbronn University formed the ideal basis for this position. As a System Integration Engineer, I worked on the project team for the 7DCT300, a 7-speed dual clutch transmission for our customer Mercedes-Benz. My tasks were very multifaceted and covered a whole range of different areas. Among other things, they included direct customer contact at the technical level, performing and evaluating trials on the test stand and in the vehicle, and even various simulation assignments. The important thing was always to get an overview of the whole system. Naturally, that’s a bit of a challenge for someone starting their career! The well-structured orientation program, and my colleagues’ willingness to provide support was very helpful in smoothly launching my career at Transmission Systems. What I like best about my job is the daily variety that working on a wide range of assignments brings.

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