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Moritz Bulka | Development Engineer Hybrid Transmissions

Moritz Bulka

Moritz Bulka | Development Engineer Hybrid Transmissions

Lego Technic influenced me as a child and as a teenager, the “Rennteam Uni Stuttgart” as a student at the University of Stuttgart. As a team member of the “Rennteam Uni Stuttgart” I got in touch with Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) on a technical base for the first time after I was able to watch the head office being built in Untergruppenbach from my children’s room. To finish my Master studies at the University of Stuttgart I came back to Transmission Systems by the beginning of 2016 again to wright my thesis on a disconnector element in an AWD transaxle-drivetrain. The thesis itself, the way Transmission Systems worked and the open-minded and modern atmosphere compelled me to apply for a regular job.

In December 2016, I started my job as an engineer in a young and dynamic department, which develops a hybridized front-transverse mounted transmission, the 7HDT300, which is based on the 7DCT300. My task is the mechanical integration of the inverter into the transmission. The inverter is mandatory to convert the direct current (DC) provided by the car battery into the alternating current (AC), which is needed by the electric motor inside the 7HDT300. As the inverter is mounted onto the transmission, it has a direct impact on the transmissions’ package. Hence, I get in touch with many other departments. The coordination with customers on the one hand and with the suppliers on the other hand resulting in a very interesting and diverse daily business.

Transmission Systems is a very attractive employer for newcomers and rookies due to its versatile options for (educational) trainings. The possibility to organize your daily tasks, working and pause times the way you want is the base to a well-balanced work-life-balance, which I think was also one of the main reasons to choose Transmission Systems.

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