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Robert Acuner | Subproject Manager Testing Engineering 7DCT300

Martin Klass

Robert Acuner | Subproject Manager Testing Engineering 7DCT300

Before I came to Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag), I studied mechanical engineering and graduated with a specialty in transmission technology. As a transmission engineer, my choice was clear: Nowhere but Transmission Systems. No other company brings its concepts so ambitiously into series production.

I work in the Testing Engineering department as a subproject manager for our new 7DCT300 dual clutch transmission. I’m responsible for putting the transmission through its paces. This is how we make sure our customers’ requirements are met. My team and I coordinate the testing tasks for the 7DCT300 dual clutch transmission, such as gear set testing and the vehicle tests. Because it’s a very wide subject area, I especially require interdisciplinary support, because we constantly come into contact with other technical areas. Quick comprehension is an absolute must for my job, because you have to solve a problem in a short time with testing engineers, designers and software developers. At the same time, I’m constantly in direct contact with customers to coordinate possible solutions.

At Transmission Systems, I especially like the direct, open communication, and the employees’ team spirit. At the same time, you’re quickly given a lot of responsibility in your own field and can get perfectly involved in developing our products. Our transmissions are at a highly demanding technical level. Working on them brings new challenges every day – it’s exciting. Sometimes it’s actually a bit hard to wrap your head around all the current issues. But you definitely grow into the job! Being an engineer at Transmission Systems means constantly working at the limits of what is technically possible, and surpassing those limits again and again. If you’re ready to take on challenging assignments, you’re just right for Transmission Systems.

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