Health management and occupational safety
Transmission Systems Untergruppenbach

Working at Transmission Systems

This film introduces Transmission Systems and gives an insight into our daily work.

Work and Life

With the world’s widest range of transmission systems for various drive architectures, Magna will actively influence the future of the automobile.

As a enterprise, we know that only satisfied and healthy employees develop a high level of motivation.

We help our employees combine their career with their private life – individually tailored to each living situation.

Modern workplaces at Transmission Systems:

Untergruppenbach site, external view
Untergruppenbach site, conference room
Shanghai site, staff area
Cologne site, external view
Cologne site, meeting room
Bari site, external view
Halewood site, external view
Kechnec site, external view
Cologne site, buildings
Untergruppenbach site, interior

One example of the architectural identity of our company are the buildings of the Transmission Systems Innovations Centre in Untergruppenbach/Germany and Shanghai/China.Transparency and harmonious integration into the landscape were important requirements placed on the architects.

The open design provides our employees with various opportunities for interaction and communication, for example the open-plan meeting rooms, the canteens, the spacious offices and the coffee bars. Our kindergarten in the foyer of our company headquarters in Untergruppenbach or waterside rest areas are just a few examples of how we strive to create a pleasant atmosphere for our employees.

Even the employees’ own work stations can be adapted to suit their individual needs thanks to the adjustable tables and chairs.


Today Transmission Systems is a global company with sites on three continents, which opens up many opportunities for our employees.

Despite becoming a global player, we have always preserved our appreciation of each and every individual. We believe family-friendliness is more than just implementing measures for employees who want a career, but also have children to look after. We go one step further.

With our origins as a family business, family-friendliness for us means taking into account the individual circumstances of every employee.

We adopted flexible working hours back in 2000. Since then we have also been offering the option to work from home occasionally for employees in the key departments (e.g. Purchasing, Sales and IT) and in the development departments.

Health Management

In accordance with our principles of social responsibility, the health of all our employees is of utmost importance. For this reason we operate a company-wide, BS OHSAS 18001-certified health management system.

Taking into account demographic developments, we implemented preventive measures for maintaining health including, for example, workplace ergonomics, lifting equipment, working time systems and work organisation measures.

Occupational safety is also very important to us. We systematically record and analyse all accidents and potential risks. From this we derive corrective and preventive measures to ensure that accidents are not repeated.

We promote safety awareness amongst our employees and have “zero tolerance” with respect to critical conditions or unsafe practices.

Occupational safety in all areas

The guiding principles of our occupational safety, which originate from the German parent company, are applicable in all units worldwide and therefore in all departments.

All our sites around the world operate an occupational safety management system in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001.