Prototype & Test Centres

St. Georgen Prototypes Centre

Series-independent, production-related prototype manufacturing is part of our product strategy

Global markets open up great opportunities for automobile manufacturers, but false developments soon become very costly. Hence automotive suppliers like Magna today bear huge responsibility and must always be able to react quickly and flexibly to customer wishes. Given the ever shorter product cycles and constantly growing model ranges, in addition to product quality, process reliability is also an important competitive factor.

Hence at Transmission Systems, we manufacture series-independent and production-related prototypes. That is part of our platform strategy. We manufacture important transmission components like shafts and gear wheels ourselves; the assembly of transmissions for all types of tests makes us independent. This gives us a leading role in our industry.

Transmission Systems test station

Test rigs for every situation

Modern car transmissions can be configured in many different ways – depending on customer wishes or even the driving habits of motorists. And because transmissions are such complex products, we test individual components, entire transmissions and even the complete drivetrain under realistic conditions:

  • on highly automated (long-duration) test rigs
  • in the vehicle
  • on the test track

All these tests are important for ensuring the desired functions of a transmission over its entire lifetime. But we do not just use one test rig. We test:

  • on test rigs for combustion engines and electric motors
  • on continuous shift and rattle test rigs
  • on pulsator and component test rigs
  • in material and acoustics laboratories

Transmissions in vehicles are tested in cooling chambers, on hills for hill starts and on test tracks with extensive equipment for measuring vehicle dynamics.

The more precise our engineers have worked during virtual product development, the shorter the test times at the end of the development process. In this way, we help our customers get a car ready for the market faster.