Technology Trends

We develop Mobility further

Magna has the world‘s largest portfolio of transmission systems for passenger cars. This diversity makes us a preferred partner for some of the most prominent names in the automotive industry. Our business is not only defined by demand, but also by the future. We anticipate tomorrow‘s mobility today. Our intelligent concepts take the increasing ecological requirements into account as well as the rising demands on efficiency. We electrify the drivetrain – and the mind: through innovations that open new roads for the automobile.

Since being founded Magna has concentrated on layshaft transmissions. This design combines top-of-the-range efficiency with a high degree of flexibility for the widest range of requirements and customer wishes. This also applies to manual gearboxes as well as to our automatic dual clutch and hybrid transmissions.

With our flexible transmission units we offer every customer a bespoke solution fully meeting the requirements of fuel efficiency, comfort and dynamics.

Developing future transmission technologies, Magna is always guided by global market trends in the automotive world. Therefore, our key issues are highest efficiency, an intelligent and on-demand actuation for dual-clutch and hybrid transmissions (smart actuation) as well as possibilities for scalable and package-neutral hybridization.

Market Trends

The requirements on transmissions in a globalized world have multiplied. Diverse changes on the world market significantly influence our transmission development:

Market Trend Downsizing

Reducing the size of combustion engines

Automakers use different strategies to comply with ever-stricter CO2 specifications. Besides using alternative drive technologies and increasing hybridisation, another trend is to use fewer cylinders and smaller engine sizes. *In Germany alone, the average engine size in new cars declined by 100 cm³ on average over recent years.

Market Trend CO2-Regulation

Stronger CO2-Regulation

As of 2015, new cars sold in the EU may only emit a maximum of 130 g/km CO2. From 2020, emissions may not exceed 95 g/km. This European CO2 target requires innovative solutions – including the drivetrain. Our transmission technologies with low losses help significantly to meet these targets.

Market Trend Manuals to Automatic

Increasing demand for automatic Transmissions

Robustness, cost-efficiency, maximum direct response characteristics: The advantages of manual transmissions are beyond doubt. Nonetheless, the worldwide demand for state-of-the-art automatic transmissions, which combine comfort, highest efficiency and driving pleasure, is increasing. Because they enable significant reductions in CO2 emissions and can easily be adapted in series production to individual needs in all markets and for all requirements. With its success story of dual-clutch transmissions, numerous series applications and development projects for well-known automobile manufacturers Magna contributes not only to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions but enables driving pleasure and comfort in all vehicle classes.

Market Trends Growth in Asia

Growth in Asia

With 8.05 million new car registrations between January and May, China is at the top in the ranking of the most important markets of the automotive industry. On-site production is an essential prerequisite for being successful there. In addition to our Joint Ventures with the Dongfeng Motor Group Co. and Jiangling Motors Company we have special partnerships with well-known Chinese vehicle manufacturers.

Against this background, scalable transmission architectures are in demand that provide uncompromising efficiency in every stage of construction and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Magnas dual clutch transmissions are increasingly meeting customer requirements on all markets because they combine comfort and dynamics with higher fuel efficiency. These qualities are also present with our hybrid transmissions.

Magna is well prepared: with our specialization and expertise, we are pioneer and visionary in all areas of transmission development – regardless of what drivetrain the car is using.