Transmission and Powertrain

Magna offers comprehensive powertrain solutions

Future powertrain development will come along with rapid technology changes. Automation and electrification will significantly gain in importance. As well as efficient automated transmissions are required, there is a need for electrified on-demand systems within the entire powertrain. We expect a fast growth of 48 Volt mild hybrid drives, as well as plug-in hybrid drives that allow for all-electric driving within emission-free zones. In parallel, the power and torque of modern cars will further increase. New vehicle architectures are needed to “get the power on the road” in a reliable and efficient way. Besides efficient transmissions, Magna builds on advanced all-wheel drive technology, to reduce fleet consumption and emissions.

powertrain modell
powertrain modell

Our competences in powertrain

Our common exhibit gives insight into powertrain and drivetrain solutions that are possible even with current technology. The demonstrator includes a 7HDT300 mild hybrid transmission, combined with the intelligent Flex4 all-wheel drive system by Magna Powertrain. Flex4 is an on-demand system, which enables decoupling the entire all-wheel drivetrain via two disconnect clutches. It combines fuel consumption close to two-wheel drives with all-time ready four-wheel traction that high-torque car applications demand. Furthermore, the exhibit includes several engine-peripheral components that are designed as on-demand solutions as well, like an e-charger, cam phaser, electrical fan and water pump.