Maximum driving pleasure and minimum fuel consumption with GETRAG

Hybridization of the dual clutch transmission

GETRAG hybridizes a front transverse-mounted dual clutch transmission with torque split technology. It requires no extra space. The installation length doesn’t change, and the hybrid transmission is only slightly larger than the underlying dual clutch transmission.

In contrast to a typical parallel hybrid, with GETRAG, the electric motor is connected parallel to the axle within the transmission housing through a simple gear set. This allows use of a very compact high-RPM electric motor.

The electrical power can be scaled almost as desired — from a 48-volt mild hybrid to a plug-in hybrid. In a mild hybrid, continuous electrical power of over 10 kW is possible, and a plug-in hybrid can work with a 75 kW electric motor, for example. With a small, high-RPM electric motor, the size of the transmission remains unchanged.


15 to 80 percent fuel savings

The hybrid transmission offers the same efficiency advantages as the basic transmission. The additional fuel savings allowed by electrification depends on the level of hybridization: from about 15 percent with a mild hybrid to 80 percent with a plug-in hybrid, measured in the NEDC.

Hybridization on the example of the 7DCT300 and 7HDT300

The video shows the installation space advantage of the 7HDT300, the axle-parallel connection of the electric motor and the possible modes.