Maximum driving pleasure and minimum fuel consumption with GETRAG

Modularity and scalability

For today’s worldwide applications, scalability takes on both a horizontal and vertical dimension

On the one hand, with one transmission family, it is desirable to cover a broad engine spectrum with a wide torque range and flexible splaying and gear set concept. On the other hand, the world market demands flexible solutions that can be adapted to the requirements of both the car maker and the driver.

One advantage of transfer box gearing is the adaptability of important design attributes together with greater potential for using identical parts. For example, this flexibility affects the number of gears, the layout of the gear set, the gear ratio spread, and components like the clutch, synchronizations and differential.

Corporate transmission architecture

We use these main advantages of transfer box gearing for modular construction of manual transmissions, and even of hybridized dual clutch transmissions, with a large portion of identical parts throughout a family of transmissions. For example, the pump actuators of the 7DCT300 are used in the hybridized 7HDT300 as well as in the smaller 6DCT150 and 6DCT200 and their hybridized version 6HDT200.

The components’ modularity also allows some variable placement, and therefore optimal use of installation space.