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Cascading Gears

Virtual gears offer optimal options for even more efficient dual clutch transmissions. They are created by interconnecting several gears through both sub-transmissions.

Dual clutch transmissions are a type of transfer box gearing and therefore offer the same efficiency advantages as manual transmissions, with the addition of actuation components for automatic shifting and clutching. Cascaded gears help reduce the added weight and larger installation space required by automation.

Gear set 6DCT150

Maximum reduction

The first gear is the largest and heaviest in a transfer box gearing gear set. Its design as a cascaded gear therefore offers the greatest optimization potential for package and weight reduction.

Cascaded gears are being used for the first time in dual clutch transmissions 6DCT150 and 6DCT200. Here the first speed is achieved using a bridge with the gears of the second, fifth and sixth speeds.

This mainly allows extremely compact dual clutch transmissionsfor subcompacts and therefore efficient automation in this vehicle class.

Furthermore, cascaded gears can also be used for overdrive gears, for example, because they are reasonable for expanding the number of speeds possible when they are used at the lower and upper gear levels. This prevents the inherent disadvantage of sequential shifting in the most frequently needed gear levels. Instead, it offers a reasonable gear ratio spread while maximally reducing weight and installation space.