Functional Safety

From the very start safety is in the centre of attention

Dual clutch transmissions and especially hybrid transmissions are becoming more and more complex. The increasing importance of electronics and software is a challenge for product development. Therefore, it is important to focus on Functional Safety from the very start in order to avoid safety-relevant malfunctions in the final product.

For this reason, Transmission Systems – as the first European company of the automotive supplier industry – has had its development processes certified by SGS-TÜV Saar according to the worldwide standard ISO 26262. This norm ensures that we maintain high standards in the development processes of its electronic transmissions and has built the foundation for the development of safe products.

Our current dual clutch transmissions 7DCI700, 7DCL750 and 6DCT250 have already been developed in compliance with ISO 26262 – and, of course, the same goes for our future transmissions, too.

SGS TÜV Saar: functional safety approved