eDRiVE Smart

Torque Vectoring

With torque vectoring systems it is possible to actively steer a vehicle by directing torque to the right or left rear wheel.

Driving dynamics rise noticeably due to the fact that the distribution of forces is divided on the propulsive wheels not only when accelerating and in dangerous situations. It also rises when the drive force is purposely forced on the wheel of the outer bend when steering into a bend. With this “purposely applied torque” (Torque Vectoring) the vehicle turns more spontaneous and direct into a bend, and the tracking stability is kept considerably longer. The different, continuously flowing forces between left and right wheel do actively help steering the vehicle.

With this active impact onto the steering there are amazing outcomes possible due to „Torque Vectoring“. A cost-efficient improvement of driving dynamics, of agility and of driving safety is without doubt possible. On top of that, the wearing of brakes is reduced, as the ESP (Electronic Stability Control) has to intervene less.