eDRiVE Smart

1 or 2 Speeds

Electric vehicles combine efficient operation with zero local emissions. Furthermore they can offer a new level of fun-to-drive. In many applications, one single gear is an adequate solution. For maximum efficiency of advanced applications, transmissions with additional speeds may be required to add benefit like increased climbing and high-speed capacity. A two speed transmission meets these requirements.

The Benefits of Two Speeds

  • 2-speed transmissions deliver more wheel torque at low speeds
  • Increased acceleration with smaller traction motor
  • Climbing ability significantly improved while maintaining top speed
  • E-machine running in high-efficiency regions
  • Smaller e-machine for less weight, volume and costs
  • Usage of smaller power electronics and battery
  • Overall energy reduction of up to 10 -15 % in NEDC (New European Driving Cycle)