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Gear Set of the GETRAG 7HDT300

Otto and electro

In automobile manufacture, hybrid drives usually combine a combustion engine with an electric motor. Both drives can take on different tasks such as supporting acceleration via boosting, recovering energy during braking (recuperation) or charging a battery – through to pure electric driving.

The GETRAG dual clutch transmission can be hybridised according to the torque-split principle. This means the original drivetrain does not have to be changed as the electric motor is mounted directly on the transmission.

Fuel savings of up to 80 %

This design is very economical and extremely flexible for car manufacturers since it makes it easy to use electric motors with various power levels. The result is a wide variety of hybrid drive types to meet different customer requirements: from mild hybrid to full hybrid through to plug-in hybrid. For example, a mild hybrid may manage with a 15 kW electric motor while a plug-in hybrid that is recharged from the socket may need a 90 kW motor.

Dual clutch transmissions in a torque split design allow fuel savings of up to 15 % for a mild hybrid and up to 80 % for a plug-in hybrid.

Animation Hybrid Transmissions

Learn more about hybrid transmissions at GETRAG. The video shows the current 7-speed hybridized dual clutch transmission 7HDT300 as mild hybrid with 48V as well as the plug-in version with up to 400V.

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Max. torque capacity (in Nm) 230
Weight (in kg) 86
Installation length (in mm) 358
Input shaft - differential axial distance (in mm) 183
Gear speed ratio bis 8,0

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Max. torque capacity (in Nm) 300
Weight (in kg) 95
Installation length (in mm) 368
Input shaft - differential axial distance (in mm) 188-197
Gear speed ratio 8,6
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