Dual-speed eDRiVE Getriebe 1eDT200

Dual-Speed eDRiVE for Mid-Size Applications

The electric dual-speed transmission 2eDT200 was developed for mid-size electric and hybrid vehicles. The dual-speed design provides both a higher acceleration and a higher top speed compared to a single-speed transmission. Furthermore significant consumption benefits can be gained by operating the motor in its optimum efficiency point.

The transmission with two constant speeds has a very compact design. The e-motor and the transmission are modular components. The e-motor power is transmitted to the half shafts by a two-stage spur gear and a differential. The shift between the two speeds is performed by an electromechanical actuator. Furthermore, the transmission provides an electromechanically operated parking lock (manually as an option). By its compact design, it can easily be integrated into diverse vehicle platforms.

The 2eDT200 is designed to use an electric motor with a maximum power up to 90 kW. The motor is equipped with a water cooling system. The maximum driving torque of 2500 Nm on the output side also offers boost mode and recuperation of energy in addition to purely electric driving.

Key Features

  • Compact electric drivetrain with two gears
  • Flange mounted electric motor (axially parallel)
  • Shift-by-wire via BLDC shift motor
  • Electric park lock (park-by-wire system)
  • Transmission control unit for park lock and gear shift
  • Scalable electric motor 55-90 kW (300-400 V)
Max. output torque: 2,500 Nm
Max. input torque: 200 Nm
Weight (without oil): 26 kg
Installation width: 462 mm
Installation length: 245 mm
Installation height: 300 mm
Center dist. input shaft – diff.: 188 mm
Transmission ratio: i1= 12.06
i2= 8.61