Single-speed eDRiVE transmission 1eDT200

Single-Speed eDRiVE for Mid-Size Applications

The electric single-speed transmission 1eDT200 of GETRAG's eDRiVE product line was developed for mid-size electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition to the application in electric vehicles the 1eDT200 can be used as a rear wheel drive unit for hybrid vehicles, enabling electric all-wheel drive capability. For these applications, the 1eDT200 can optionally be equipped with a disconnect unit to enable freewheeling.

The transmission with one constant ratio has a very compact design. The e-motor and the transmission are modular components. The electric motor power is transmitted to the half shafts by a two stage spur gear and a differential. Furthermore, depending on the application, the transmission provides an electromechanically operated parking lock (manually optional) or a disconnecting device. By its compact design, it can easily be integrated into diverse vehicle platforms.

The 1eDT200 is designed to use an electric motor with a maximum power up to 90 kW. The motor is equipped with a water cooling system. The maximum driving torque of 2500 Nm on the output side also offers boost mode and recuperation of energy in addition to purely electric driving.

Key Features

  • Compact electric drivetrain with one gear
  • Various gear ratios available
  • Flange mounted electrical motor (axially parallel)
  • Electrical park lock (park-by-wire-system)
  • Optionally electrical disconnected device (hybrid applications)
  • Transmission control unit for park lock or disconnect device
  • Scalable electrical motor 15-90 kW
  • 48-400 V, voltage independent
Max. output torque: 2,500 Nm
Max. input torque: 200 Nm
Weight (without oil): 20 kg
Installation width: 455 mm
Installation length: 230 mm
Installation height: 318 mm
Center dist. input shaft – diff.: 157.5 mm
Transmission ratio: i= 8.61 (i= 9.89)