GETRAG Untergruppenbach

Modern Workplace

One example of the architectural identity of our company are the buildings of the GETRAG Innovations Centre in Untergruppenbach/Germany and Shanghai/China.Transparency and harmonious integration into the landscape were important requirements placed on the architects.

The open design provides our employees with various opportunities for interaction and communication, for example the open-plan meeting rooms, the canteens, the spacious offices and the coffee bars. Our kindergarten in the foyer of our company headquarters in Untergruppenbach or waterside rest areas are just a few examples of how we strive to create a pleasant atmosphere for our employees.

Even the employees’ own work stations can be adapted to suit their individual needs thanks to the adjustable tables and chairs.

Modern workplaces at GETRAG:

Untergruppenbach site, external view
Untergruppenbach site, conference room
Shanghai site, staff area
Cologne site, external view
Cologne site, meeting room
Bari site, external view
Halewood site, external view
Kechnec site, external view
Cologne site, buildings
Untergruppenbach site, interior