Employees in Manufacturing

Focus on People

Focus on people

Together we achieve our goals

Precision. Passion. Partnership. Our brand claim perfectly describes the way we work and interact with each other. We – that is everyone who has to do with GETRAG: the shareholders, all the employees around the world and our network of customers and suppliers.

To meet these people’s needs for success, security, growth and opportunities, GETRAG must be profitable and competitive on a permanent basis. This is what we focus on with our strategy.

To ensure we can set the right priorities and measure our success, we have defined a number of core objectives. Only with the people in our company can we achieve these goals.

We lay emphasis on an inclusive culture

With our growth, GETRAG is becoming increasingly complex and multicultural. We lay emphasis on an inclusive culture so that all employees who become part of our team experience support and respect.

Communication is an important tool in this regard. It connects our employees and strengthens the global GETRAG community.

To interact with each other, we use newsletters, magazines, conferences and meetings, amongst other things.