Experience report

Dominic Ühlein |

Industrial mechanics apprentice

Domicic Ühlein

Experience report - Dominic Ühlein | Industrial mechanics apprentice

I complete my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic with GETRAG at the Rosenberg site. At the beginning, we learned the basics of the manual metal processing procedures; at the end it involved milling, lathing and drilling. Programming different machines, such as a CNC lathe or a basic course in pneumatics, are also part of the apprenticeship. Knowing all these basic skills makes you well prepared for part 1 of the final exam. Because of the well-structured set-up of the apprenticeship, we are always up to date. Every apprentice has their year of apprenticeship, which it takes into consideration - so no apprentice is left behind.

From the third year onwards, we have the opportunity to start a departmental practice run, where we get to know all the technologies needed for the manufacture of our products. Gear shafts and cogs are manufactured in different stages - lathing, milling teeth, hardening and joining together, and honing - so that they can then be assembled into complete engines in the assembly department.

I am delighted to have chosen an apprenticeship at GETRAG. The apprenticeship programme is very extensive and interesting. If we have any problems or motives, we can go to our supervisors, who are always ready to listen. As we can take part in plenty of excursions, team events etc. alongside work, we have quickly grown together as a team.

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