Experience report - Deniz Keskin | apprentice technical product designer

As a child, I had already begun to discover my creativity and interest in technology with the help of LEGO. As I grew older, I became enthusiastic about cars and the technology involved, but I was also uncertain about what I wanted to do after my A-Levels. When I came across the job description of 'technical product designer', it awakened my interest. And, living in Untergruppenbach, it all became clear to me: I would apply to GETRAG.

But what was the real meaning of this job description? The job of 'technical product designer' is about 'modern' technical drawing, which involves working with CAD programmes on PC 3D models of individual parts and components rather than by hand, and these drawings act as a basis for completion and assembly.

In our first year of study, we product designers found ourselves in the Change and Release Department, which is responsible for changing and releasing drawings. We were in the middle of everything and got a good idea of how drawings for major clients are worked on every day. When the second year began, I was allowed to take part in basic electrotechnical training for 2 weeks at the Neuenstein site. It is very interesting and has come at a good time, as we are studying electronics at technical college at the same time. At the end, there are two weeks in the prototype building department, where the individual finishing tasks done by machines will be explained to me in more detail, and I can also complete a couple of parts myself.

I am very happy to have found the right career for myself. Especially at a company whose fantastic values make for a rare kind of working environment, especially for a company of this size.

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