Experience report - Christian Bopp | Business Economics student at Baden-Wuerttemberg Co-Operative State University (BWCSU)

The dual degree represents the perfect balance between theory and practice for me. The small courses and the school-like system at BWCSU really appeal to me. For one thing, it makes learning easier for me, and for another, you make new acquaintances so quickly. In practice with GETRAG, you have an ample opportunity to apply what you have learned.

In my work experience, so far I have been in sales and the personnel department. I got a warm welcome everywhere, and became integrated straight away into the daily working pattern. As you are trusted with the work in its entirety, you have an optimal opportunity in every department to get a glimpse into how things work. After finishing my degree, I will be in a good position to decide which department is the right one for me. GETRAG guarantees that we dual students will be accepted after completing our degrees. In these economically uncertain times, it gives us a sense of security for which we are very grateful. As the next step, I will be taking an overseas theory semester in South Africa. Once again, GETRAG have fully supported my plans for this.

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