Apprentices at Transmission Systems-

Always one step ahead.

Transmission Systems Pupils


I got a warm welcome everywhere in the departments, and became integrated straight away into the daily working pattern.

Christian Bopp, Business Economics student

When it comes to shaping your professional future, you decide which direction it should take. At Transmission Systems, we offer you a wide choice:

If you are interested in dual studies, we can offer you different apprenticeships.

When you undertake dual studies, you gain insights into working life whilst still studying, and at the same time you get to know employees from a wide variety of departments.

And for high school graduates who do not want to decide between apprenticeship and studying, we offer the option to do both directly with us. With cooperative studies, you can combine a shortened mechatronics apprenticeship with university studies in automotive systems engineering.

Working at Transmission Systems

This film introduces Transmission Systems and gives an insight into our daily work.