Purchasing Strategy

High standards for suppliers and service providers

Many of our customers have been relying on us for decades because we have always set high standards. To keep it that way, in view of the global supply chains and markets, we also demand high standards from our suppliers and service providers. After all, more and more consumers are paying attention to fair production conditions that save resources.

Our top five criteria for a supplier partnership are:

Strategic cost management

We expect overall competitiveness from our suppliers. For many product groups, this criterion applies to the global purchasing market. Hence we also require cost transparency along the entire supply chain. Our instruments: value analyses, cost estimation and lean deployment.

Quality management

Quality can be measured objectively. Therefore we expect our suppliers to have a compelling zero-fault strategy with respect to quality assurance. For us, outstanding quality also means assuring on-time delivery and providing a flexible service. The requirements for cooperation with us are certifications according to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001; incoming goods inspection is not necessary.

Supply chain management

Common goals make us long-term partners. If your quality, logistics, delivery punctuality and costs are right, then together we have a solid basis for convincing our customers. The foundations of our business relationships are therefore framework agreements, long-term cost agreements and mutually agreed optimisation goals relating to the products and services to be provided.

Design management (for specific product groups)

Like our customers, sometimes our suppliers are also involved in development projects at an early stage. This helps us reduce development times. If terms like simultaneous engineering and design to cost mean something to you and you want to share responsibility with us, then get in touch!

Environmental and sustainability management

Our business goals are consistent with the interests of society. After all, Transmission Systems is part of this society. Environmental protection and social commitment at our sites is important to us and we also expect our suppliers to take on the same responsibility. Read more about this under sustainability at Transmission Systems.

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Many of our customers have been relying on us for decades.