Purchasing Materials

Production material


  • Sleeves made from 16MnCr5 or powder, formed or machined incl. toothing (with pointing and filing), heat-treated
  • Hubs made from steel or powder
  • Ring package, carrier made from powder, brass or formed steel, friction lining made of carbon or sinter
  • Clutch bodies, disc-shaped, 20MnCr5 or sintered metal, with toothing (back angle and pointing)
  • Clutch bodies, conical, 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5 or sintered metal, with toothing (back angle and pointing)
  • New synchronisation concepts: servo synchro, plastic solutions

Cast parts

  • Housings and covers raw and machined in aluminium die casting in AlSiCu3 (Fe) of 2.5 – 14 kg
  • Shift covers and small parts machined in aluminium die casting in AlSiCu3 (Fe) of 20g – 1.5 kg
  • Shift drums machined in aluminium die casting in EN AW-Al Si12,5MgCuNi of 300 – 400 g
  • Prototype parts in sand casting

Forged parts

  • Speed gears and gears as Hatebur forged parts raw and pre-turned in the materials 16/20 MnCrS5 and 18CrNiMo7-6
  • Rotary swaged output/input shafts pre-machined and in fully machined straight-toothed design
  • Bevel gears ready for installation
  • Shafts as cold formed parts in the material 20 MnCrS5
  • Flanges ready for installation as a warm-forged part
  • Ring gears partially pre-turned as a warm-forged part


  • Needle bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Deep groove ball bearings

Electronic components

  • TCU: Stand alone, sensor module, mechatronic actuator module
  • Sensors of -40 - +150° Celsius: speed sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, position sensors, rotation angle sensors, start/stop sensors
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Reverse gear switches
  • Electric motors for mechanical clutch actuation, shift drum actuation and operation of hydraulic pumps


  • Wet clutches 150-750 Nm
  • Dry clutches 150-280 Nm

Shift forks

  • Aluminium die cast shift forks with and without cast-in parts, finished and partially assembled
  • Sheet metal shift forks


  • Differential housings as single parts made from cast iron
  • Assemblies with housing made from cast iron incl. bevel gears and shaft, one-piece or two-piece, 2000-5000 Nm

Shift dome/internal control

  • Assembly of stamped parts, magnets, bearings, switches, Al die castings, shift fingers

Non-production material

Machinery and equipment

  • Assembly lines
  • Machine tools for manufacturing shafts, gear wheels and machining aluminum parts
  • Industrial trucks
  • Furnaces & Fixtures
  • Straightening machine
  • Measurement equipment
  • Laser welding systems
  • Equipment for steel finishing (hardening, coating, blasting)
  • Industrial cleaning systems
  • Crane systems and manipulators
  • Containers


  • Consulting services
  • Development services
  • IT services, software and hardware, Internet and web service
  • Office supplies
  • Seminars, training
  • Translation services
  • Travel services
  • Advertisement / Marketing
  • Fitter services
  • Vehicle management
  • Logistics and transportation services

Industrial materials

  • Tools for machining shafts, gear wheels and aluminum pressure die castings and clamping tools
  • Spare parts for buildings and machinery (electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic)
  • Measuring equipment
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Hand tools
  • Hydrocarbons, fluids and chemicals
  • Technical gases
  • Packaging materials of all kinds

Construction services

  • Construction of factory halls and administration buildings
  • Conversations of and/or extensions to existing factory halls and administration buildings
  • Facility management
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water)
  • Cleaning services
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