Environmental protection has been firmly anchored within the company since 1989

Environmental protection is a strategic matter in two respects for us: on the one hand, we are working on keeping our ecological footprint small by using sustainable processes. On the other hand, we are ensuring our products help make cars more environment-friendly as well as facilitating individual mobility for future generations. Both aspects are helping secure the future of uns.

As early as 1989, environmental protection was already embedded as a core objective within our corporate vision. Today we have a more holistic understanding of this matter and are working on the introduction of a sustainability management system. We control all internal processes in accordance with binding guidelines.

We are constantly optimising all these process with respect to

  • economic efficiency,
  • energy and resource efficiency,
  • environmental compatibility (in relation to waste water, waste, energy and emissions, amongst other things)

Our sites are certified according to ISO 14001

Even production support functions such as facility management, maintenance, quality management, personnel management or the IT department are subject to EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) requirements and are regularly reviewed and optimised.

Our sites worldwide are certified according to ISO 14001 (environmental protection). The majority of the European sites are also validated according to the EMAS Regulation (environmental protection) and certified according to BS OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety).

For our transmissions and drivetrain components, this means for example:

  • reducing fuel consumption through improved efficiency and weight-optimised construction
  • choosing recyclable materials and recycling-oriented designs
  • using pollution-free components
  • constructing quieter gears

We are working on keeping our ecological footprint small by using sustainable processes.