Quality Policy

High-quality products and efficient processes

Optimal processing of high-quality materials guarantees durable and efficient products. Only if our production processes are flawless and efficient we can deliver on time and meet, or even exceed, our customers’ expectations.

Quality is therefore one of the most important prerequisites for our market success and growth.

Systematic quality management

We ensure our transmissions and services are of a high standard through systematic quality management. To do this, we

  • continuously check on our customers’ requirements
  • apply zero-defect strategies
  • constantly optimise processes and methods.

We believe the key to achieving the highest quality is our staff. After all, it is easier to avoid errors than to correct them. In this respect, all GETRAG sites are certified according to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 .

Boris Martin

Manager Global Quality

Volker Ludwig

Director Global Sustainability EHS