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Our Values

GETRAG employees around the world worked together to develop our values

For two generations GETRAG was operated as a family enterprise. Founder Hermann Hagenmeyer and his son Tobias took their leadership task personally and coined a values-based management that proved the basis for our success and cooperation. Since then the automotive industry has evolved and so have we with new business partners and products. Merging our past and present we have defined values that combine what has made us strong in the beginning and what keeps us strong in the future that lies ahead.

Our values bring together what ensured our success in the past and what makes us fit for the future. More than 1.000 employees from more than more than 20 locations around the world participated in the definition of these values.

Technological and Business Excellence

For us Precision means achieving excellence both in our technology and in our business practices. It means innovation, quality, staying focused and continuously developing ourselves.

We chose this value because it allows us to anticipate and satisfy or even exceed our customers’ needs.

It doesn’t mean we innovate just for innovation’s sake, but to create the leading technologies of the future.

▪ “We follow our processes and try to improve them continuously.”

▪ “We put the customers’ needs and expectations at the forefront of our minds when developing new products.”

▪ “We never stop learning, and encourage all our employees to continue training, inside and outside of our company.”

Responsibility and Initiative at all Levels

Everyone in GETRAG feels empowered to take responsibility for their work.

We value this Passion in every employee.

We believe that feeling responsible and taking initiative are what drive the company.

Decisions must be taken at the right level. However, no one should be afraid of expressing themselves or getting involved.

▪ “We take responsibility for our actions.”

▪ “We listen to all suggestions before coming to a decision.”

▪ “We are open to change and make good ideas happen.”

Positive Energy

Positive energy is what we give to each other in the workplace, by appreciating and motivating each other. Our Passion is inspirational.

We chose this value because it makes the company a great place to work in and fuels our success.

When we have tough times, our positive energy helps us to get through them.

▪ „We always use our enthusiasm to face difficulties and turn them into opportunities.“

▪ „We inspire our colleagues by sharing good ideas and successes.“

▪ „We create good working conditions to promote team spirit.“

Individuality and Teamwork

GETRAG’s creative potential derives from its great teamwork – and our teams derive their power from the engagement and creativity of individuals.

We chose this value because we want to encourage individual effort while understanding that we can only succeed as a team, moving forward together.

Neither the team nor the individual comes first. Each supports and complements the other.

▪ “We see the cultural and ethnic diversity of our global company as a source of strength and creativity.”

▪ “We support each other to avoid and overcome mistakes.”

▪ “We work together across different locations and functions.”

Mutual Respect and Trust

Respect and trust are key elements of Partnership and are traditional values in our company.

Respect means listening to each other in a polite and friendly way and being tolerant of our differences, regardless of hierarchy or position. Trust means being honest and fair with each other.

It does not mean we never have disagreements, but with respect and trust they can be resolved without developing into conflicts.

▪ “We communicate clearly and regularly, to ensure a healthy flow of information within our company.”

▪ “We accept that everyone makes mistakes, and find ways to learn from them.”

▪ “We show respect, regardless of a person’s rank or status, nationality, gender, race or abilities.”

A Strong Global Community

GETRAG is a family company that grew into a global one, retaining a sense of belonging together.

In our worldwide community we share a sense of pride in our colleagues, our workplace and the products we make. Our company combines success and growth with duties of care and sustainability.

We consider the impact of everything we do on the environment and on the well-being of our workforce.

▪ “We encourage a sense of pride in our employees by promoting our history, achievements and strategy.”

▪ “We reduce pollution and save energy together with our suppliers and customers.”

▪ “We look for ways to improve the social and personal well-being of our colleagues.”