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The philosophie of our buildings

Transmission Systems Untergruppenbach

What makes our buildings special?

Glass, wood, exposed concrete, coquina and steel: as a modern building, our head office in Untergruppenbach blends perfectly into its picturesque surroundings. The plans for a new build began in 1998 as our initial site, which was 30 kilometres from Ludwigsburg, became too small and did not offer any opportunity to expand. Central operations from Ludwigsburg and Neuenstein would come together under one roof at the new location in Untergruppenbach. The approach: the main focus being mankind and nature in harmony. Meeting and communicating would be supported by an architecture characterised by transparency, openness and flexibility. The result: a building that is praised by many and which blends perfectly into the picturesque surroundings at the foot of Burg Stettenfels and which offers work, communication and recreational areas. Many ideas and wishes, which were put forward by the employees, were also implemented.

Transmission Systems Untergruppenbach

For geological reasons, the building which is approximately 14,000 square metres is built on 550 stilts that would be 5,300 metres long if placed end to end. We removed areas from nature, but these were in the form of landscaped roofs – which look like meadows and fields from a bird’s perspective – and gave back 4,500 square metres of water area on the east side of the building to allow the greatest environmental diversity. Transmission Systems' head office is one of the first buildings in the world to use such a large quantity of rain water for sanitary purposes and extinguishing water. Fish such as Japanese koi and water lilies and many other animals and plants can be found around the building. The room concept that was introduced in Untergruppenbach provides a basis for later builds as with the GETRAG Ford Transmissions building in Cologne, the production sites in Kechnec (Slovakia) and Irapuato (Mexico).

Transmission Systems Untergruppenbach "GOLD" Concept


We have been testing the future world of work since 2014 in Untergruppenbach according to the “GOLD” concept, Getrag Office Landscape Design. GOLD enables office design to adapt to the increasingly complex world of work whilst offering an inspiring work atmosphere with room for creativity, concentration and teamwork.