Home of Transmissions

GETRAG is one of the largest system suppliers for transmissions in the world.

We are shaping tomorrow‘s mobility today as a preferred partner for the automotive industry. GETRAG has the world‘s largest portfolio of transmission systems for passenger cars. We have worked hard to earn this leading position - with more than 80 years of industry experience, a clear customer focus, a distinct understanding of global markets and the capability of precisely satisfying even the widest variety of demands.

We develop and produce our products at more than 20 locations around the world and in close proximity to our customers and local markets. Over 1,000 engineers develop transmissions for virtually all torque ranges and different passenger car categories: from small cars to premium sports vehicles. This diversity makes us a preferred partner for some of the most prominent names in the automotive industry.

Our business is not only defined by demand, but also by the future. We anticipate tomorrow‘s mobility today. Our intelligent concepts take the increasing ecological requirements into account as well as the rising demands on efficiency. We electrify the drivetrain – and the mind: through innovations that open new roads for the automobile.

We are GETRAG – Home of Transmissions.

GETRAG - Home of Transmissions