The company GETRAG

GETRAG is the world’s largest independent supplier of transmissions and drive systems for passenger cars with around 16.300 employees spread across more than 20 sites. Discover our GETRAG world.


Corporate Strategy

Our brand claim: Precision. Passion. Partnership.

Competitiveness, profitability and sustainability

Our brand claim: Precision. Passion. Partnership.

A promise that we can only keep with a sustainable business strategy. This strategy is to be competitive in the long term and thereby operate profitably and sustainably – in the interests of our customers, shareholders and employees.

Dr. Stephan Weng, Executive Vice President, GETRAG Global

We follow four principles:

  • We concentrate on transmissions for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles because that is where our core technological competence lies and we see huge potential for growth in this field.
  • In order to work efficiently with our joint ventures and numerous sites around the world, we rely on a matrix structure. Standardised processes promote cooperation between global teams in various regions throughout the world. We develop new products on the basis of platforms, thereby simultaneously creating synergies and a global presence.
  • We are growing in the East, and this also benefits our business in the West. The solutions and products we have developed for the Asian market means we are active in the fastest growing market in the world. At the same time, this helps us complete our technology portfolio worldwide.
  • Through comprehensive risk management, we are well prepared for market fluctuations and the rapidly changing conditions in the automotive industry today.