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Denice Trefz |

DHBW Business Engineering Student

Denice Trefz

Denice Trefz | DHBW Business Engineering Student

After my first contact with Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag), in the course of a volunteer internship, right after high school I applied for the dual degree program in business engineering. My program will be over soon, and I have never regretted the decision.

In my opinion, Transmission Systems is an optimal company to partner with because of the many opportunities to combine the degree program’s business and technical content. After getting the basics of production in the training workshop, in my practical phases I got to know a wide variety of departments, such as Construction Planning, Lean Management, Product Development and Sales. What’s more, I got a chance to go on some business trips and a three-month foreign stay in Mexico.

Depending on the department, I get a wide variety of tasks and am constantly supported and encouraged through direct supervision, training and insightful ways of working.

Alternation of theory and practice takes place at a three-month rhythm, so that the study program is varied and I can take the theory I learned, rediscover it and implement it.

At the DHBW, we study in small courses together with students from various companies. A pleasant atmosphere dominates there, and the rigorous lecture content could be learned together in the time allotted.

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