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Hannah Schick |

Industrial Management Assistant Apprentice

Hannah Schick

Hannah Schick | Industrial Management Assistant Apprentice

After an apprenticeship as a pharmaceutical technical assistant and several years of job experience, I started to realize that I wanted to change professions.

Because I was so interested in technical and business relations in the automotive field, and because I love working at a computer, just one thing jumped out: the apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant in the automotive industry.

Right on the day I applied, the company’s building and the openness of the employees left a lasting impression.

Because of the numerous assignments in various departments, I was able to observe daily work processes in detail. In addition to assisting with everyday administrative duties, I was also given tasks related to specific projects. After a short orientation phase, I was able to work independently and introduce my own ideas. What I also highly value is that in addition to business capabilities, you also learn certain technical skills.

The family-like atmosphere and the many interesting assignments with the support of friendly coworkers reinforced my decision to complete my apprenticeship at Transmission Systems in the best way possible.

In Transmission Systems, I have found the perfect partner for my professional training.

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