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Florian Riethmüller |

Co-op student, mechatronics

Florian Riethmüller

Florian Riethmueller | Co-op student mechatronics

For me, a purely theoretical degree program right after high school was out of the question. So I applied for the co-op program that started in September 2016. First you finish accelerated training as a mechatronics technician and then you go into the degree program of the same name.

As part of the mechatronics apprenticeship, you’re in the training workshop learning a broad spectrum of basic technical skills, like filing, drilling, grinding and lathing. This practical experience will also be a big advantage in my further career as an engineer and help me achieve better technical understanding.

I was integrated into the company from the very beginning of my apprenticeship, and besides my own projects in the training workshop, several times I was active in development and the prototype shop.

As an employer, Transmission Systems offers many, many opportunities to achieve your dream, not least because of the many different types of assignments. Even beyond business matters, they do a lot for the employee. Among other things, they organized driver safety training for apprentices and students, and we were even allowed to test actual sports cars.

I have never regretted my decision to apply to Transmission Systems. Every day I look forward to what’s new, and to the diversity of challenging assignments at work.

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