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Marius Lehmann |

DHBW Student in Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle System Engineering Drive and Chassis

Christian Bopp

Marius Lehmann | DHBW Student in Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle System Engineering Drive and Chassis

Through the vocational training I had already completed as a technical product designer, I was aware of the advantages of a dual apprenticeship. That’s why I chose continuing education at DHBW Stuttgart. The supplier sector is especially interesting to me, because it is a dynamic environment with a lot of flexibility. When I was choosing a partner company, the transmission system supplier Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) stood out as the ideal employer for a study program in vehicle systems engineering in drive and chassis.

The work environment in the individual departments is very pleasant, and after a short adjustment period, you’re completely integrated into the everyday work. The practical phase mainly involves scheduled project tasks in the various technical departments and additional training. This makes it possible to implement the content of the lectures relatively soon, and to continue your education not only with technology, but with people. In the choice of technical departments, your own wishes and interests are considered. So far this has allowed me to gain experience in the departments: 8DCL900 Product Development, DCT300-Housing Design and Package and at the Neuenstein site in construction planning DCT300. Furthermore, Transmission Systems gives the opportunity for a practical phase abroad. I will take advantage of this opportunity and will spend my next practical phase at the production plant in Irapuato, Mexico.

The theory semesters at DHBW are designed to be demanding and varied, so they shouldn’t be underestimated. The class atmosphere allows the course content to be confronted with depth. The qualified instructors convey the knowledge by relating it to exciting experiences from the practical world.

The next step for me is the fourth theory and practice semester and preparation for the T2000 test.

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