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Murat Karadayi |

Mechatronics Apprentice

Murat Karadayi

Murat Karayadi | Mechatronics Apprentice

I’m doing my apprenticeship in mechatronics at Transmission Systems' main site in Untergruppenbach. In the first year of instruction, our work is project oriented and we’re almost always in the training workshop. During the first weeks of the apprenticeship, we learn basic skills, like lathing, grinding, drilling and filing.

I applied to Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) for many reasons. The main reason was that this kind of internationally successful company offers the best apprenticeship and the best conditions for successfully launching my professional career.

A typical workday starts around 7:30. After we greet each other in the morning, we plow right into things. Each of us apprentices has our own workbench and the tools to go with it. Neatness at the workplace is hugely stressed here. Our instructors have years of professional experience, and thanks to them you feel like you’re in good hands at Transmission Systems. There’s a nice atmosphere in the training workshop. There’s also a lot of friendship and solidarity among us apprentices.

In the first year of instruction, we’re already actively collaborating on projects related to our customers. It wasn’t only fun, but it gave us our first insights into prototype production. Transmission Systems relies on its apprentices, and we value this trust.

I’m really glad I applied to Transmission Systems, and I can definitely picture a career for myself here even after the apprenticeship is over. Especially because here I constantly have opportunities to continue my education.

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