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Patrick Daum |

Apprentice in Technical Product Design

Patrick Daum

Patrick Daum | Apprentice in Technical Product Design

Very early in life, it was clear to me that I wanted a career having to do with cars. On the one hand, I had the technical interest, but on the other hand, I wanted to get into a creative field. Then when I came across the apprenticeship as a technical product designer, it was clear right away: It was exactly the right thing for me. Because the transmission is a very complex part of the car, the first place I went to was Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag). I had already heard a lot about the company, and I was really happy to be accepted here.

But what does a technical product designer even do? The work generally consists of designing and deriving components and assemblies from drawings. We work almost entirely in CAD programs, but we still learn the basics of drafting by hand. At the beginning of the apprenticeship, you’re taught the technical basics, followed by various training sessions (such as in electronics). For a couple of weeks you also get a quick look at assembly, production and prototyping.

All in all, so far there’s nothing but good things to report about my apprenticeship. The work environment at this big company is great, and it’s been exactly the right professional choice for me.

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