Experience report

Kelvin Bruder | Senior Manager Commodity STA

Experience report

When GETRAG started looking for an adequate candidate for my current position I did not hesitate.

Kelvin Bruder

Experience Report - Kelvin Bruder | Senior Manager Commodity STA

I have always been interested in the automotive industry and its constant innovation. In 2006, I started working at Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) as a Supplier Technical Assistant. This job consists of a multifaceted scope of duties emphasizing on supplier management, development, qualification and hence the approval of construction parts. I was able to work self-dependent and flexible right from the start. The positive energy, the team spirit as well as the inter-divisional assignment of tasks allowed me to work in a very pleasant working atmosphere.

After four years, I wanted to get to know a new company and to gain experience in project management there. Still, I stayed in contact with my colleagues and therefore I always felt connected to the company.

When Transmission Systems started looking for an adequate candidate for my current position I did not hesitate: As STA Commodity Manager I am responsible for the quality of the purchased items during the stages of early development and serial production. Along with my 14 team members I am travelling a lot to attend our suppliers who are located all over the world. On location we keep an eye on the development of the distributors, their qualification and the release of construction elements. Our team is quite diverse; there are graduates as well as professionals with more than 25 years of experience within Transmission Systems. We all have our field of experience which is why we are able to support all kinds of manufacturing procedures.

The great thing about my job is the fact that I can initiate changes and together with our suppliers we contribute to the sustainable improvement of the quality of our transmissions.

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