Interviews with our Software Specialists

Next to the engine, the transmission is probably the most important part of a motor vehicle. Reacting to a variety of vehicles calls for flexible solutions. When we develop our dual clutch transmission, the software plays an extremely significant role. Our specialists program controls that are custom tailored to the transmission systems. They allow every vehicle model to be adapted individually to the needs of our customers. When is it time to shift? What does the shift feel like? At this point in the development process, the transmission is adapted for the handling the customer wants from the car. Should the focus be on sporty or comfortable driving? Should the transmission be optimized for performance or designed to save fuel? The various issues show that the demands on the end product are becoming ever more diverse. A competitive dual clutch transmission doesn’t just require a good hardware solution, but development of software that gets the most out of the product.

We offers software specialists a broad spectrum of professional possibilities: (functional) software developers, software integration engineers, applications engineers, software quality engineers and software test engineers — they all work to make a product that meets customer and market demand.

In the following videos, colleagues from the software field present their work and describe why developing software is so exciting, what fascinates them about it, and how they got into the profession.

Tasks of an Application Engineer - Andreas Kramer reports

Andreas Kramer is working as Application Engineer at Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag) since April 2014. In this video he talks about his tasks, the challenges in his job and why he likes to work at our site in St. Georgen.

Why Software plays such a central role in the Development of Transmissions - Matthias Heß reports

Matthias Heß is Senior Manager Software Application at our Development Center in Cologne. In this video he describes the tasks of his department and he explains why Software plays such a central role in the Development of Transmissions.

Dual Studies IT-Automotive - Daniel Hägele reports

Daniel Hägele already finished an apprenticeship at Transmission Systems (formerly Getrag), worked as a testing mechanics and is now studying at the Co-Operative State University Stuttgart focusing on IT Automotive. In this video he talks about his studies and what he likes most about it.